Free Motion Bodywork

healing stress and Injury, restoring ease and grace

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Integrative Massage Therapy

Through deep, gentle massage and movement awareness I can help you feel your best in the body you have right now. My primary technique is a deep tissue style known as Aston Myofacial Release. This technique is gentle and very effective, easing you toward more balanced alignment and helping to relieve pain. For those who wish to optimize movement potential, release trauma, and address chronic stress symptom, I combine expert massage with cranial sacral and hot stone therapies. Because muscle tissues are arranged in spirals, this work follows these spiral paths, resulting in a less painful deep tissue work. This practice, which Judith Aston refers to as "matching", is essential in honoring the integrity of the body, and can give a profound release of tension, unraveling the functional patterns accumulated through daily activities and emotional experience.

Movement Therapy and Rehabilitation

Movement Therapies empower us to maintain the great feelings we obtain through the hands-on massage. Before and after your session we use movement to determine our focus. Afterwards I teach movement awareness, therapeutic exersize, and yoga for integration, maintaining postural integrity, and long term results. My sessions usually begin with a brief, but very important moment of observation, you check-in to yourself, stroll across my spacious dance studio, relate to me what you notice, where you feel uncomfortable, what your needs are for the session. This ability to read ones own state, to feel ones own posture, rythme and gate, becomes a powerful tool of self-support and positive change, especially regarding movement habits that are causing repetive strain, or exasperating old injury.

Vitality and Longevity

My clients often ask me, "How do you stay so young?" The answer is simple. I drink lots and lots of very pure water. I eat foods that create the most healthy PH for my body, lowering inflamation. And, I use periodic cleanses to maintain the health of my body's cleansing system. We are, it appears, only as healthy as our dear livers! I offer my clients guidence from my 30 years of study in nutritional therapies, detoxification, and maintainance of healthy weight, in the form of nutritional coaching and longevity consultation. Eating an alkaline forming diet can lower inflamation, and thereby rid you of aches and pains!!!!

Yoga of Life

The practice of healing and strengthening postures and movements, know as Hatha Yoga, is also a powerful way to deepen self-awareness and connection to ones Higher Power. I give individual guidence in yoga to assist my clients with both the physical and spiritual challenges of life. My approach is to foster a non-competitive attitude in my clients. How gentle can you be with your self?

“ If you wish to experience integrative, stress-relieving bodywork, address chronic symptoms, or optimize movement potential you will enjoy this work. You will receive personalized professional bodywork in a warm, quiet, healing environment, in adherence with American Massage Therapy Association standards.” Shelley Cook, MFA, CMT