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Shelley Cook has maintained a professional healing practice involving massage, movement, postural analysis, and guided image work since 1992, when she completed her certification in Aston Massage and Movement Therapy. She has gone on to receive other advanced certifications in Cranial Sacral Work, Applied Kinesiology, and Reiki Energy Balancing. 

Shelley has created a beautiful healing enviroment in her home, in the upstairs loft of a hundred-year old winery in San Francisco. She uses music to create a soothing container of healing sounds, played over a pofessional quality sound system.

Shelley loves to work with athletes, musicians, new moms,  and elders, and all you other hard-working people, too! She’s very adept at observing and treating postural and movement problems that contribute to chronic pain, adjusting her sessions to best fit the needs of her clients. She has a deep interest in helping people to continue feeling their best, and offers dietary coaching, yoga,  and  therapeutic exersize to help people maintain a high level of vitality. She has learned much about the process of healing and recouperating from major injuries from having to heal from her own bodily mishaps.

Shelley is a very active woman. She performs as a dancer, loves to hike and camp, is an avid gardner,  and is an epert horsewoman. In the past she has competed in collge level track, as a sprinter, and recieved her green belt in American Full-contact Kick-boxing!

She sees her work as a healer and as an artist as a way to support positive energy and self-knowledge, encouraging people to deepen their awareness and live life as art. In a fusion of her healing and art,  she also offers psychic readings through the medium of portait  drawing, a unique form  she calls  Soul Portraits. Ms. Cook received her Masters degree from the San Francisco Art Institute. Her interdisciplinary artwork utilizes performance, video, and installation sculpture. Her work explores the experience of the individual within society, giving form and action to psychological and social issues.



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