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Helping people to feel more alive, and more at ease is a great thing. I have been in practice for 20 years, and I am proud to say that I have some clients who have been seeing me from the early 1990’s! People often send me their friends and family members. My oldest client was 97, and my youngest, just a few hours old…

The following are a few of the recommendations given by my clients: 


– From Shelton Mann, Dancer and Director, 2012

“I saw Shelley after returning from a strenuous two month tour and was a “wreck”. She was the antidote for sure. My nervous system quieted down and my musculature began to unwind and release. It felt as if my feathers were washed and laid out to breathe in a gentle breeze. What a gift of hands and intuition she has!”


– Veronica Dabis, web designer and artist, 2012  

“Shelley is an amazingly talented and experienced healer. Every time she works on my body I feel the effects for days. She knows so much about movement, alignment, injuries, reducing stress and the effects of diet on wellbeing. I love how she used pillows to prop up my arms and legs and quite honestly this is the most nurturing massage you can get – she knows what she’s doing… I always realize that I was sore in places I wasn’t aware of! She goes deep but doesn’t hurt you. And she uses warm stones too in your palms… She will pull out all the stops every time … Two hours is what I always get because she is so thorough and it’s pure bliss. The time disappears. Highly recommended for people who want to feel great and be very connected to their body. “


 Allegra Chambre, Mom and Yoga Teacher, 2011

“I went to Shelley to get work done on my hand and wrist, which were incredible pain from baby-wrangling, mostly. As a yoga teacher, I felt that work was both intelligent and compassionate – and I haven’t had any pain since! She’s a brilliant body-worker, and achieves miraculous results.”


– From Meg S., on, 2011

“The neighborhood around hides the magical setting of Shelley’s garden and 100-year old winery setting. The moment I stepped through her gate I felt more relaxed. From there you walk up to her light-filled and spacious yoga and massage studio. I got so much more than a massage — it was a whole-body experience where Shelley evaluated how I walked/my posture, how I photograph, and how I sit at a computer. Then she gave me little hints and lessons on alignment, and a long, firm massage with hot stones. I will be going back, it is worth the drive and was an amazing thing to do on my birthday, very nurturing and healing.”


-From Julia Hamilton, 2012, a client who sees me on a weekly basis…

“If it were not for Shelley, I would not be moving very well at all today… I would have lay down and given up many years ago due to a serious spinal injury that fracture my vertebrae from C-2 to C-7, with pre-existing arthritis and neuropathy.  My head is supported by metal implants the length of my neck. A year after the implant and bone graft operation the pain remained relentless. My balance was very off, and I walked with great difficulty due to the restrictions in my neck and shoulders. I was very weak and depressed. I was pretty hopeless, having tried nearly every form of treatment including acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, neurologists with their tranquilizers and narcotics…  but it was a suggestion from an assistant at an acupuncturist’s office that led me to Shelley’s work. She said that Shelley’s bodywork, on a regular basis, had helped her grandmother noticeably to move with greater ease.

I was hesitant. I had not had the best results from massage, but Shelley’s gentle techniques, empathetic manner, and holistic approach was surprisingly comforting. The session passed in a timeless way, and I felt a positive difference in my balance afterward.  We have been working together on a regular basis for a few years now. Living with chronic pain is not easy – but Shelley has shown me so many ways to help myself – from yoga stretches and breathing, gait training, nutrition and guided imagery, to insights from ancient healing traditions. Her broad knowledge of healing and human nature, as well as her artistic side, comes through in the work, so that it is never dull. Pain can make a kaleidoscope of sensations that are very hard to maintain ones self within. Shelley has gifted me with a way to see it in a wider, safer perspective, as it unfolds each day. “


– From Karin McElhatton, 2009

“Over many years, Shelley has made many house-calls to help out myself and other family members. She has been an amazing healing force to my family and myself. After three births via C-sections, a hysterectomy, and injuries including a ruptured disc in my neck, and dislocated elbow, Shelley’s healing work expedited my healing in truly miraculous ways.  Her work and her guidance helped facilitate my body shedding the traumas of my injuries and surgeries. At 55, I am still able to ski, sail board, mountain bike, and hike and work a physically demanding job as an animal trainer in the motion picture industry. This would not have been possible without Shelley’s expertise and input to the healing process.

Shelley has helped my husband, who is a steady-cam operator (heavy work) for the film industry, my daughter after she underwent an intense 6-hour surgery, my son, who has multiple health issues including spinal problems and hemophilia, and my 95-year-old father, whose life has literally depended on Shelley’s remarkable energy work.

There is no question my family would not be as healthy and functioning today if it had not been for Shelley Cook’s wonderful healing bodywork. Her work is infused with expertise, training, intuition, love and generosity.  No dollar amount can be put on the positive effect her work has had on my family and myself.”


-From Linda Mann, actress, 2008

In 2000, when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had a complete hysterectomy, Shelley’s massage soothed and strengthened me, helped my body to go from hunched with pain to relaxed and stretched out, so that I was able to sleep and heal, and even more amazing perform in a very strenuous play involving running up and down stairs only 6 weeks later.  She has a true gift and the caring heart to go with it. I highly recommend her to anyone. Wish she lived in NY!




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